What Happens After You Get Repossessed?

After You Get Repossessed

After you have been served with a Bailiffs Warrant for Eviction, and after you get repossessed you have been forcibly removed from your home, you will not be able to re-enter your home without permission. Usually the bailiffs will allow you to return after a couple of days and by mutual agreement remove all your belongings.

Remember, after you get repossessed and have been evicted the property is legally no longer yours unless you can get a County Court Judge to reverse the repossession. You can apply to Court AT ANY TIME to get a suspension on ANY COURT ACTION. Click Here for more information on How to Stop a Possession Warrant.

Eviction & Repossession Myths

  • The Bailiffs cannot touch your possessions or throw your belongings into the street
  • If you believe that the Bailiffs have acted unlawfully, or used threatening or foul language you can report them
  • Just because your lender now controls the property doesn’t mean you no longer owe them money!
  • The lender will probably sell your home at auction but if it sells for less than you owe they can chase you for up to 12 years for the balance!

What Are My Options?

After you get repossessed you can still save your home by finding a cash buyer who can buy your house immediately. You need to apply to the County Court to ask for the Bailiffs Eviction Warrant to be set aside. For more information contact us directly.

You Can Stop Repossession Now

By any of the lenders listed below – Act now – Click Here

How to fill in Form N244