What is a Form N244?

| September 30, 2013

When Do I Need a Form N244?

A Form N244 is the form YOU need to get an Emergency Hearing in front of the Judge.

At any stage AFTER your lender has taken you to Court (even if you did not attend the hearing) you can use the N244 Form to put your case in front of the judge.

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This usually happens very quickly – usually within 48 hours. The form N244 itself will not stop repossession but use it to provide all of your evidence for why the judge should reconsider and grant you a Suspended Possession Order.

The Form N244 is not an easy form to use without help so we have provided you with a free guide to how to fill in form N244. This is an interactive form so you can fill in the Form N244 on your PC screen or clear all the information and print it out and fill in the form N244 later.

Remember, the form N244 alone is not enough to stop your repossession. You will need to provide other evidence to help the Judge make the case for suspending your repossession order.


You Can Stop Repossession Now Using Form N244

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How to fill in Form N244