Remortgage to Stop Repossession

Can I Remortgage to Stop Repossession?

Do not be tempted to Remortgage to Stop Repossession unless you are certain you can meet the monthly payments. Many sub prime mortgage lenders will advertise attractive rates that will increase automatically after a fixed period. However, you may not be able to remortgage again Remortgage to Stop Repossession at that point if lenders continue to squeeze credit.

If you continue to Remortgage to Stop Repossession so that your home equity is less than 15% you may find it impossible to sell your home quickly to a cash buyer and sell and rent back will certainly not be an option.

When you Remortgage to Stop Repossession you are taking on MORE debt. More debt means more potential problems further down the line.

Remortgage to Stop Repossession Facts

  • Don’t be tempted to Remortgage to Stop Repossession more than 85% of your equity. If house prices continue to fall you will not be able to sell
  • If you have a poor credit rating or past missed payments you will be prey for high cost sub prime lenders
  • Sub prime lenders have very high interest rates and massive penalties for late payments
  • If you must Remortgage to Stop Repossession it is better to do so than to take out a so called consolidated loan at even higher rates
  • Consider selling your home, and even renting it back, before Remortgage to Stop Repossession and adding more debt

What Are My Options?

If you need to Remortgage to Stop Repossession it may be better to look at your finances realistically, sell your home and pay off your debts whilst your credit rating is still relatively good. Remortgaging should be a last resort especially now that many lenders are in more financial trouble than you are!

You Can Stop Repossession Now

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