Repossession Advice

Repossession Advice

Because repossession usually only happens once to anyone, the hardest part is knowing where to turn for Repossession Advice.

Beyond that, it’s not easy to know whose advice to trust when asking for Repossession Advice.

A search on Google on the one hand will bring up hundreds of Cash Property Buyers all eager to do business with you. On the other hand there are organisations such as the Citizens Advice Bureau and Shelter who offer free Repossession Advice.

The problem is that only you can really know what is the best situation to resolve your financial worries. Some of the charities like CAB may suggest that you ‘give in to the inevitable’ and allow your home to be repossessed. You may not think this is good Repossession Advice. We don’t.

The problem with this Repossession Advice is that you can lose your home and still owe money for up to 12 years. This kind of Repossession Advice may be well meaning but it’s doubtful whether the person who advised you to be repossessed will be sharing your local authority B&B when you and you family are homeless!

Who Can I Trust For Repossession Advice

  • Not all charities and debt help agencies will give you the best Repossession Advice for your specific situation
  • You need to take Repossession Advice from as many places as possible and make up your own mind
  • Remember, what is good Repossession Advice for others may not be the best option for you
  • You need to choose between being debt free or being pursued for years if you are repossessed

What Are My Options?

Listen to Repossession Advice from different sources. Don’t get caught up in the press hype about IVAs and bankruptcy as this can seriously damage your future prospects. Be prepared to sell your home pay your debts and move to rented accomodation, if necessary.

You Can Get Repossession Advice Now

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