What Are My Rights After Repossession?

Getting Your Home Back After Repossession

In some cases it is possible to recover your home even after it has been repossessed by your lender. If you are able to pay off your arrears and your outstanding mortgage balance (by selling to a cash buyer for instance), then you will be able to regain access to your property.

Just because your lender may say otherwise, do not accept what they say as true. Staff at most lenders simply have no understanding of the law and the repossession process.
You may be surprised at how many lenders do not follow correct procedure!
Speak to a solicitor who specialises in Repossesion processes.

What Action Can I Take?

  • Talk to a lawyer who specialises in repossession law
  • Pay off your arrears
  • Talk to a cash property buyer to see if you can sell quickly
  • Do not take advice from your lender only – only a Judge can make repossession orders

What Are My Options?

Once your property has been repossessed, your options are limited, but you do have some rights and you can still get your home back.

You Can Stop Repossession Now

By any of the lenders listed below – Act now – Click Here

How to fill in Form N244