Should I Sell and Rent Back Back My House?

Should I Sell and Rent Back My House?

Sell and Rent Back (Sale and Rent Back or SARB) was once a common way to avoid repossession and stay in your home where a cash buyer will buy your property and agree to rent it back to you as a tenant.

However, the sell and rent industry is NOW regulated by the FCA and there are pitfalls you must be aware of.

Make sure that any firm who contacts you regarding Sell and Rent Back scheme (sale and rent back) is registered with the Financial Conduct Authority otherwise you could lose your home.

Sell and Rent Back without being registered in now a CRIMINAL OFFENCE.

Sell and Rent Back Facts

  • Insist on seeing proof of FCA registration for all Sell and Rent Back Firms
  • You can always terminate your tenancy agreement if you decide to move
  • Tenancy agreements known as ASTs are used for Sell and Rent Back, the same as for standard rentals
  • Beware of promises of rent that appear low. They may be attractive now, just to get you to sell at a discount
  • Ask for a buy back option if you want to buy your home back later

What Are My Options?

Landlords need to make money from renting to you. If your landlord is not going to make money from your rent you need to ask yourself where their profits will come from. A good Sell and Rent Back operator will have no problems explaining this to you and should be transparent about the sell & rent back process. If not – find one that is (and make sure they are regulated by the FCA!

You Can Stop Repossession Now

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