Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession

Selling Your Home May Be The Answer

If repossession is a very real threat, and if you cannot afford to pay your arrears as well as your current payments then provding you have enough equity, Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession is the perhaps the best option.

If your home is repossessed your mortgage lender will sell your home, usually via auction, and for whatever the market will pay.

If you have second or third charges on your property you may still owe money after your lender sells your home. Even if the lender sells your home and you are due to receive the balance, by allowing repossesion you are effectively out of control of the sale process and you wait months to receive your money. During that time any further debts could be escalating along with penalties and charges.

If you make the decision to sell your home and pay off your debts, the positive side is that you will remain in control of the process, and to some degree you can control the price and who your home is sold to.

Selling Your Home

  • Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession can take many months via an Agent – you may not have enough time to sell on the open market
  • Start the process to Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession as soon as possible
  • Make sure your buyer really has the finances in place to complete the sale
  • Be aware that offers are not legally binding in England & Wales and your seller could pull out at any time
  • Tell your lender, and the Court if necessary, that you are selling to pay off the debts.

What Are My Options?

Time is the one luxury you may not have. But Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession can still be an option.

You Can Sell Your House to Avoid Repossession Now

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