How to Stop Bailliffs Repossessing Your House

How to Stop Bailliffs Repossessing Your House

Contrary to popular belief, when your home is repossessed bailiffs do not just turn up one day and throw you
out of your home. You can stop bailliffs repossessing your house. The whole process can take weeks or even months. Bailiffs can only act to enforce a Warrant for Possession.

A Court will only grant this Possession Warrant after a possession order for 28 days has lapsed and you have not left your home
or paid your mortgage arrears in full.

Even if you receive a Warrant for Possession in 7 days, you can still stop your eviction as long as you pay your arrears in full or
exchange contracts to sell your property.

The Truth About Bailiffs

  • Bailliffs are not allowed to remove your belongings on the day of the eviction
  • You will have 10 mins to leave your home and the locks will be changed
  • You will be able to return by agreement only to collect your things
  • If you do not leave the Police will phsyically remove you
  • You can stop a baillifs warrant if you are able to pay arrears in full in cash when they arrive

What Are My Options?

Hopefully, you have not left it until this stage before seeking repossession help to stop bailliffs repossessing your house. The longer you have before your
warrant eviction date, the greater your options. Pay your debt to your lender, sell your property and move, or sell and rent back. It may still
be possible to get your home back. Contact us to find out more.


You Can Stop Repossession Now

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