How Do I Stop a Possession Order

How to Stop a Possession Order

If your the lender has started the repossession process in the local County Court, they will ask the judge for a Possession Order (or Repossession Order) – the right to take your property, evict you and anyone living there, and to sell the property to recover the mortgage and all costs involved in the repossession process.

A judge will usually grant a 28 day Possession Order. This means that if you want to Stop a Possession Order you must pay your arrears or leave the property within 28 days from the date of the County Court Judgement.

Sometimes a 28 day Possession Order can be suspended for up to 56 days pending a further Court Possession Hearing.

Stop a Possession Order Facts

  • You will not be evicted forcibly at the end of the 28 days so it’s worth trying to Stop a Possession Order
  • Your lender must apply for a Bailiff’s Warrant Eviction Order before you can be physically removed
  • If you do not pay your arrears or leave within 28 days your lender can apply for an eviction order without notice
  • Usually your lender will still inform you that you will be subject to a Bailiffs Warrant
  • You can still Stop a Possession Order and stop your eviction even at the end of the 28 day process

What Are My Options?

To Stop a Possession Order, Pay off your arrears in full, negotiate a repayment arrangement with your lender or sell your home to repay your debts.

You Can Stop Repossession Now

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