Using Form N244 to Stop Possession Order

Repossession orders or Bailiffs Warrants for eviction can always be stopped or postponed by using a standard County Court Form N244. This form is available online free as a PDF file that can be filled in online and printed off, or printed and filled in later.

We have provided an example of how to fill in the form here

Using Form N244 lets you apply to the County Court for an emergency hearing. However, you MUST provide some evidence as to why the Court should postpone or cancel your Order for Possession.


Form N244 Facts

  • You must fill in your Form N244 and take it directly to the County Court
  • Give the Court as many details as possible about your case
  • Make sure you attach any documents or proof separately
  • Make sure you keep a copy of everything for your own reference
  • The Court will charge you between £30 and £60 for filing a Form N244

What Are My Options?

The most important thing to remember is that just filing a Form N244 is not enough to stop repossession. You must provide actual proof. In most cases, the judge will be looking for either proof that you are about to pay all arrears, or that you are selling your property. We have provided an example of how to fill in the form here

Listing your home with an estate agent is not enough, the Court will insist on exchange of contracts with a buyer. At the very least you must show that you have instructed solicitors in the sale, and ask your solicitors to fax the court with proof.

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How to fill in Form N244