What is a Bailliffs Possession Warrant?

Warning! A Bailliffs Possession Warrant is the LAST Stage Before Eviction

If the lender has been granted a 28 day Possession Order and you have not left your home and returned the keys to your lender by the date on the order, then your lender will apply to the court for a Bailliffs Possession Warrant. Your lender will almost certainly inform you of this, but there will be no hearing and you will not be able to stop the bailiffs from evicting you unless you pay all the arrears in full or exchange contracts for the sale of your property.

You can apply to Court AT ANY TIME to get a suspension on ANY COURT ACTION.

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Bailiffs Eviction Order Facts

  • A Bailliffs Possession Warrant is usually set for 7 days after the date the Court grants it.
  • You can lose valuable time if you don’t know that your lender has obtained a Bailliffs Possession Warrant
  • We have known cases where the homeowner only received their notice by post a few hours before the eviction time!
  • At this stage you can still stop the Possession Order by paying your arrears in full or applying to the Court using form N244 to ask for extra time to complete the sale of your home

How can I Stop the Bailliff’s Possession Order?

This is the last stage before you and your family will be evicted. Bailiffs do not care who is living in the house, even if sick or elderly. If you do nothing to stop the Possession Warrant you will be evicted at the time stated on the Court Possession Order. At this stage you can still stop the eviction but you need to contact us directly to ask for specific help as each case will be different.

You Can Stop Repossession Now

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How to fill in Form N244